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ETTO Screw-In Heating Elements

ETTO screw-in heating elements are ideal solutions for efficiently heating non-aggressive aqueous liquids in various environments such as containers, machinery, and industrial installations. Thanks to their design, which allows direct contact of the heating tubes with the liquid, these heating elements ensure rapid and effective heat transmission.

ETTO Screw-In Heating Elements: Technical Specifications

ETTO screw-in heating elements consist of three highly compressed tubular heating elements bent in a U shape, with a diameter of 8.5 mm. They feature a G 1 1/2” threaded connection, greatly facilitating their installation. Manufactured from high-quality materials, these heating elements include a tubular body made of stainless steel (material number 1.4541) with a brass threaded connection (Ms). Additionally, a cover for the connections made of PP, with an IP54 protection rating, is included to provide additional protection.


Regarding their power spectrum, a variety of lengths are available while maintaining an identical nominal power. All models feature a non-heated zone of 30 mm. They are designed to operate with a three-phase AC current of 400 V. Furthermore, by adjusting internal jumpers, it is possible to generate a maximum heating power of 3 kW, even with a 230V connection, whether it's alternating or direct current.

Advantages of ETTO Heating Elements:

- Efficient heating of non-corrosive liquids.

- Rapid heat transmission.

- Simple and fast installation thanks to the threaded connection.

ETTO screw-in heating elements offer a reliable and effective solution to meet your heating needs in various industrial applications.






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