Immersion heaters Galvaflon

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  • Immersion heaters for aggressive process liquids
  • Low thickness
  • From 1 kW to 3 kW, stainless steel or coated with Teflon®


The Teflon® FEP coating ensures the chemical resistance to oxydizing agents as well as anti-adhesive properties facilating the cleaning of the element. Its low thermic charge (below 2 W/cm2) reduces considerably the time of the encrustation process.

Galvaflon immersion heater
The GALVAFLON heater consists of a stainless-steel heating tube coated with Teflon® FEP. The PVDF terminal casing complies to protection IP 65 (splashproof to EN 60529) and resists also the chemical attacks of the vapors produced by the bath.
The PVC electrical cable has a standard length of 1,5m.

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