Rod immersion heaters Galmaform

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GALMAFORM immersion heaters

Equipped with a PFA fluoropolymer sheath, are designed for the direct heating of highly aggressive liquids in confined spaces. This technology ensures excellent chemical resistance, prevents deposit formation, and simplifies cleaning, which is crucial for industrial installations requiring minimal maintenance. Their flexible design allows for varied and adaptable installation to specific needs, including in auto-catalytic solutions. The elements consist of a stainless steel heating body coated with PFA, with a watertight electrical connection, allowing for complete immersion. The heated part is clearly marked to ensure adequate immersion, thus offering durability and reliability for industrial heating.


Galmaform Immersion Heater

They are made of a PFA-sheathed stainless steel heating tube. The connection head and the PFA cable are gas-tightly assembled, allowing for complete immersion.


Key Strengths of the Galmaform Immersion Heater:


Excellent Chemical Resistance

Thanks to the PFA fluoropolymer sheath, these immersion heaters effectively withstand highly aggressive liquids, making them ideal for complex industrial applications.

Flexible Design

Their design allows for varied and adaptable installation to the specific needs of the user, thus facilitating integration into auto-catalytic systems or other demanding configurations.

Durability and Reliability

With a stainless steel heating body coated in PFA and a watertight electrical connection, these immersion heaters ensure a long lifespan and reliable performance, even under conditions of complete immersion.

Options and accessories

Support UH

For fixing the heater
Material : PVDF

Spacer AW13

Spacer AW13 to ensure a minimum distance between rod heater and tank
Material : PTFE pure white

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