Cylindrical immersion heater - Assembly type P

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  • Up to15 kW


With feet included to raise the heating part from the bottom of the tank.
All plastic heater proposed with an 85 mm or an 120 mm outside diameter.


Galvatherm® Assembly type P
On a plastic rod structure (ø 20 mm) in PP or PVDF.
Standard configuration : heating cable coated Teflon® FEP and PP or PVDF rod frame.
For use at the bottom of the tank. Available for heaters with reference beginning with C85 and C12.


Options and accessories

Extra length of cables

Electrical cable C of type HO5 VV-F or HO7 RN-F. Non heating cable N to go out of the tank.

Removable guards

Perforated plastic trellis, in PP only for C85 and C12 heaters - ref in PP : PRCPP

Cable-gland, Ø75 mm

Allow 300 mm extra on the H length (H=installation height on N)
ref in PP : PEPP
ref in PVDF : PEPF

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