Control-Therm Assembly type T

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  • Device combining heating and regulation
  • Compact device

This heater with built-in regulation has been especially developed for use in small tanks when low power is needed in a reduced space.

Ideal economic solution : the device integrates the heater, the temperature sensor and the switching circuit in one single unit.


Assembly type T
On a plastic rod structure (ø 20 mm) in PP or PVDF.
Temperature settings in the PVDF or PP terminal casing.
Standard configuration : heating cable coated Teflon® FEP with rod structure and terminal casing in PP or PVDF.
Installation on the side of the tank.

Options and accessories

Extra length of cable

Electrical cable C of type HO5 VV-F. Supplied without plug. Standard length 2 metres.

Guard (optional)

A perforated plastic guard materials : PP - ref in PP : PRCPP

Mounting wrench SB for BC casing

Universal wrench

HWB Support for angular heaters

For fixing the heater
materials : PP

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