Heating cartridge Calor

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  • Direct heating of liquids and under certain conditions of non-aqueous and non-liquid products
  • Modular basis
  • From 0,5 kW to 9,5 kW

CALOR cartridge heaters are especially suitable for direct heating of liquids. Under certain conditions they can also be used for direct heating of non- aqueous and non-liquid media

Calor heating cartridge
The cartridge heaters consist of ceramic groove bodies with high electrical insulation and excellent temperature fluctuation resistance. A high temperature heating wire is fitted as a coil in order to ensure good heat radiation and a long life-span of the cartridge.

Options and accessories

Terminal casing BC

Material red terminal casing : PP, ref. BC
Material white terminal casing : PVDF, ref. BC/L

Threaded nipple

With threaded nipple G 2"



Welded flange


Terminal casing

Material : zing-plated steel
protection IP64
Ref. B

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