Level probes - Stainless steel float switches MTS

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  • Based on the moving float
  • With 1, 2 or 3 contacts

Float switches offer a simple and economical solution to control and monitor liquid levels in tanks and containers.


A float switch is convenient for use in liquid process without encrustation. If not we recommend conductive level rod-probes.

Options and accessories

Terminal casing LC

Material red terminal casing : PP, réf. LC - Material white terminal casing : PVDF, réf. LC/L

Terminal casing BC

Material red terminal casing : PP, ref. BC
Material white terminal casing : PVDF, ref. BC/L

Mounting wrench SB for BC casing

Universal wrench

HB support for BC casing

Support screwed onto the tank rim, easy fitment of the terminal casing
For heaters with a maximum tube lengthof  800 mm
Material : PP

Mounting wrench SL for LC casing

To open the LC casing and the cable-gland

Mounting sleeve EM for BC casing

For space-saving fitting in supports or tank cross-beams drill-hole diameter from 87 to 90 mm - Material  : EPDM

Holding sleeve HM for BC casing

To fix the heater in the tank cross-beams, recommanded for liquids with high temperature or  with highly concentrated steam
drill-hole diameter from 70 to 76 mm
Material : EPDM

Mounting sleeve ML for LC casing

For space-saving fitting in supports or tank cross-beams
drill-hole diameter 63 mm
Material  : EPDM

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