Standard heating jacket - 630 Range

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  • Large surface contact
  • Easy to use
  • Energy savings


Specially designed to heat and keep temperature of plastic and metallic drums of 25 to 220 litres. They incorporate adjustable retaining straps and quick release clips for an easy use.


Insulated heating jackets

Outer face : single sided hydrolysis resistant, polyurethane coated polyamide substrate with fluorocarbon finish. Base fabric nylon 66 standard. Inner face : custom polyester coated glass cloth.
Insulation : Stitchbonded, needled, non-combustible glassfibre mat.

Options and accessories

Digiheat base drum

Faster heating for plastic or metallic drums. Can be used together with the standard jacket or the silicon belt
ref : 660402

Insulated jacket for 200L drums

Thermic insulation of the drum after having used the heating jacket
Not to be used jointly with the heating jacket but can be used together with a base heater
ref : 690402

Base heater, mechanical thermostat

Suitable for heating or keeping temperature of steel or plastic drums. May be used together with a heating jacket or the silicon heating belt or the insulated jacket - ref : 560401

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