Standard Heating jacket - ref 720501\/2\/3 for containers

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This heating jacket is suitable either for heating or for maintaining temperature of 1000 litre containers. This heating jacket is capable of meeting the demands of almost any heating application and It garantees optimal working conditions. References 720501 and 720502 are kept in stock.


Containers heating jacket
Outer face : splashproof

Polyester coated with polymer

Ref 720501 : 1300 W, ref 720502 : 2 x 1000 W, ref 720503 : 3 x 1000 W

Options and accessories

Insulated cover

Thermic insulation of the top of the container.
Can be used jointly with the heating jacket.
ref : 790501

Insulated total cover

Complete thermic insulation of the container in only one part without openings.
Not to be used jointly with the heating jacket
ref : 790503

With openings, ref 790504

PVC waterproof cover

Waterproof cover for outside storage of the container
Can be used jointly with the heating jacket
ref : 690504

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