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PT100 and Thermocouple J Temperature Probes

PT100 and thermocouple J temperature probes are essential elements ensuring accurate measurement of liquid temperature. Their design provides unmatched reliability in various industrial environments. Additionally, their lengths can be customized according to client specifications, ensuring seamless integration into any thermal monitoring system. These probes are also insulated with a Teflon® FEP coating, guaranteeing optimal protection and consistent performance. 

SOPT and SOTC Temperature Probes

They ensure precise measurement of liquid temperature.
Various models available (flexible, mounted on immersion heater, bendable rigid, with cable gland).


Platinum probe PT100 ohms sensitive element, Class B at 0°C under Teflon® tube with sealed end and output via two or three wires insulated by special Teflon® cable.

Thermocouple probe Hot junction insulated under Teflon® tube with sealed end and output via J type thermocouple cable insulated by special Teflon® cable.

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