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Classic Heating System - Suitable for Nearly All Process Liquids and Applications

The ROTKAPPE immersion heaters are a direct heating solution suitable for nearly all process liquids and applications. The excellent chemical resistance is ensured by the use of different materials for the immersion tube.

ROTKAPPE Industrial Immersion Heaters: A Versatile and Robust Solution

Specifically designed for the demands of the industrial sector, ROTKAPPE immersion heaters represent a versatile and robust direct heating solution, compatible with almost all industrial process liquids. These industrial immersion heaters offer remarkable chemical resistance, due to the use of diversified materials for the immersion tube, tailored to each specific application. With power up to 12 kW, they are perfectly equipped to meet the intensive needs of the industry.

The modular construction of the ROTKAPPE immersion heater includes a high-quality immersion tube, the Longlife heating element for extended life, a terminal box designed for reliability, and a durable connection cable. Each component is selected for its ability to guarantee optimal performance and longevity, thus ensuring trouble-free and undisturbed operation in your industrial installations.


ROTKAPPE Immersion Heaters

The ROTKAPPE immersion heater has a modular design and consists of the immersion tube, the Longlife heating element, the terminal box, and the cable. The immersion tube is available in the material best suited to each application.


Options and accessories

Holding sleeve HM for BC casing

To fix the heater in the tank cross-beams, recommanded for liquids with high temperature or  with highly concentrated steam
drill-hole diameter from 70 to 76 mm
Material : EPDM

HB/L support for BC/L casing

Support screwed onto the tank rim, easy fitment of the terminal casing. For heaters with a maximum tube lengthof  800 mm - Material : PVDF

Protective tube SRF for BC casing

With a welded support
To protect the immersion tube against mechanical damage
Materials : PP for tube and support / EPDM for the holding sleeve

Mounting sleeve EM for BC casing

For space-saving fitting in supports or tank cross-beams drill-hole diameter from 87 to 90 mm - Material  : EPDM

HB support for BC casing

Support screwed onto the tank rim, easy fitment of the terminal casing
For heaters with a maximum tube lengthof  800 mm
Material : PP

Mounting wrench SB for BC casing

Universal wrench

Support SHB for BC casing

Support SHB and holding sleeve HM to fix immersion heaters with tube length > to 800 mm - Material : PP

Terminal casing BC

Material red terminal casing : PP, ref. BC
Material white terminal casing : PVDF, ref. BC/L

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