Heating jacket - Inteliheat Range

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  • Safe heating of 200L drums (steel and plastic)
  • Hazardous area heating jacket
  • Ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing


This ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 and 2 rated jacket uses a completely new and proprietary design.


The InteliHeat is ideal for gentle warming and to avoid winter freezing. For faster heating rates and melting solids at higher temperatures, the Thermosafe Induction Heater is recommended.


Inteliheat Heating jacket

It is constructed with custom elastomer and silicone coated glass cloth materials and high density fibreglass insulation. The heating medium uses a patented technology of carbon rich semi-conducting positive temperature coefficient membranes
Rated ATEX and IECEx, zone 1 and 2.

Options and accessories

Insulated jacket for 200L drums

Thermic insulation of the drum after having used the heating jacket
Not to be used jointly with the heating jacket but can be used together with a base heater
ref : 690402

Energy regulator

To be installed outside the ATEX zone
réf : 69000

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