ATEX process induction heater Thermosafe

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  • To heat 200 litre drums or smaller steel vessels
  • Hazardous area heating jacket
  • Easy install


It allows a safe melting of viscous products such as wax, tar, bitumen, gelatine, organic acids in a way much surer and rapid than traditional systems (steam and radiant drum heaters).


Thermosafe process induction heater
Thermosafe is a single induction coil, wholly encapsulated in a cylinder made from a glass reinforced resin specifically developed for chemical plant. The coil is connected to a single phase AC mains supply and generates heat directly and uniformly in the drum wall. Energy transfer is by alternating magnetic field.
Suitable for use in hazardous areas, certified to ATEX and IECEx standards (zones 1 and 2).

Options and accessories

Handling equipment

For fork-lift truck
Not Atex
réf : 690403

ATEX handling equipment

Easy to handle by one person
ref : 690401

Energy regulator

To be installed outside the ATEX zone
réf : 69000

ATEX induction base heater, Faratherm range

39% time saved with  Faratherm and Thermosafe used together

ATEX certification for both use of Thermosafe and Faratherm
Base heater ref  : 660401

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